We have designed, Constructed and completed many prestigious projects covering Residential, Commercial and Industrial buildings with Light, Masonry - Concrete and Steel structures construction. All complete with their architectural finishes, Claddings, Wooden Joinery, Suspended ceiling and Steel -Aluminum doors and windows. This includes all their associated Electrical and Mechanical works.

We have a team of experienced Engineers, Supervisors and Highly skilled workers having 10-15 years experience who are approved by U.S. Army and UNICOM for their projects in Kuwait.

We believe in Quality construction, Timely completion and the works are performed to the entire satisfaction of the Client.

We manage the projects differently by involving the participation of the client by offering our expert advice so they optimize more value for their money. Besides keeping the client inform of the progress of work on weekly or monthly basis including updating you with your financial requirements based on the actual works executed at the site.

We can offer you a remote monitoring system at a very reasonable sum. So you can monitor your project development, right in the comfort of your office.

Interior Design Also we have designed and executed numerous Interior design turnkey projects covering Supermarket, Showrooms, Restaurants and Office areas.

Full list of those projects is included for your information.


In 2003, we were awarded the contract to Fabricate and supply many Pre Fab Modular units i. e. Accommodation, Laundry, Latrine and Showers for their residential camps at various locations in Iraq.

Al Dar Equipment & Trading Co. was awarded a sub-contract in Iraq to provide a turnkey construction of Warehouse (Area : 1540 M²) at CPA Headquarters in Basrah for KBR – US defence contractor.

In 2004, the Al Dar Equipment & Trading Co. was awarded a turnkey sub contract in Iraq to construct a Dining Facilities (Area : 4000 M²) DFAC at Camp Victory North-Baghdad International Airport thru a catering company working for KBR. We completed the project successfully and we got another 2 more DFACs (Area : 6700 M²) at Camp Victory South- Baghdad International Airport.

We were awarded a Dining Facilities DFAC (Area : 4430 M²) at Camp Falcon Fury near Baghdad thru another catering company working for KBR.

In 2005, the Al Dar Equipment & Trading Co. was award a turnkey sub contract in Iraq to construct 3 Dining Facilities (Area : 11400 M²) DFAC at Camp Al Taqaddum Habaniyah Iraq thru a catering company working for KBR

We successfully completed all the projects to the entire satisfaction of our client, KBR and the US Army with in tight deadlines.

Al Dar Equipment & Trading Co. has manufacturing facilities in Kuwait to construct Pre Fab Modular Units and Fabricate steel structures. We have the capacity of producing from 5 to 10 units a day with standard/any other specifications to meet client’s requirements. We have highly trained construction crew and they have a vast experience in completing Pre Fab Modular units, Civil and Steel structures and Electrical works.

Unlike other companies Al Dar Equipment & Trading Co. is totally independent and has a capability to perform these services in Kuwait & Iraq