Al Dar Co. has its own a wide range of heavy equipments i.e. Flat bed trailers, Low bed Trailers, Dump Trucks, Fork Lifts & Cranes of various capacities, Grader and Compactor to  name few.

We have extensive experiences in Shipping and Transporting equipments quickly to meet client’s needs.


Al Dar Co. is transporting high value cargo for its Clients from Kuwait, Saudi Arabia and UAE to carry out projects and for leasing to Iraq. The service also includes complete life support, maintenance, supervision and logistics. The logistics team also serves our construction projects.


The other major area we focus is supplies of various items which includes but not limited to NDE approved PSE personal security equipments such as : Body armors, Kevlar helmets, Dog tags, Night Vision Goggles, Armoured Vehicles, Perimeter Security fencing items such as : Concertina barbed wire, Hescos sand filled barrier, Sand bags etc. We are supplying all of these items to major defense contractors in support of Operation Iraqi Freedom - War against Terrorism.

To make it cost effective Al Dar Co. sources these items directly from the manufacturers which not only meet clients’ requirements but also acts as a major cost reduction by eliminating the middle agent. For value added services, we deliver these items on time at the client’s designated Locations in Kuwait and Iraq.

Al Dar Co. also enjoys its close relations with the distributors of IT and Office automation equipments such as computers, laptops, copiers, fax machine etc. Al Dar Co. has supplied over hundreds of computers and other office equipment to companies operating within Kuwait and Iraq.