What is ?

Schoolonet is an educational site dedicated to serve the needs of the private schools in Kuwait. The site provides the parents with updated information about the Home Work Assignments, Class Work, Grades, Test Scores, Progress Cards and most important the Attendance of the Child at School. Parents can also communicate effectively with the Teachers to gather feedback and comments on student performances and progress.

Who can access this web SITE?

The web site can be accessed by the Parents of the Private Schools which are members of schoolonet system in Kuwait.

How can the information be ACCESSED?

The member schools supply the parents with a User ID & Password which can be used to log into the Parents page. The parent’s page has various resources such as Home Work Assignments, Class Work, Attendance, Messages, Progress Card, Lesson Plan, Fees Payment etc. Each of these resources can be viewed by simple clicks on the Icon. However, the information and resources displayed are purely at the discretion of the School Management.

What are the benefits to PARENTS?

The site is dedicated to those people who have greatest concern for their child’s academic performance and ability to achieve - the Parents!

The following are the key direct benefits:

  • Daily follow up can be done through the site - Any Time and Any Where.
  • Attendance, Class Work, Grades, Progress Card etc. can be viewed.
  • Pre registration formalities can be completed online.
  • Fees Payment can be made using the Credit Card online.
  • Timely information enables the parents to give appropriate input to his child.
  • Academic performance improves because of the continuous attention of the parents.

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