Al Dar Co. had started its operations in waste management trading of recyclable materials i.e. Steel, Paper and Nylon. Today, Al Dar Co. is one of the leading group diversified in various areas:

  • Construction
  • Trading
  • Design and Engineering.

In our efforts to effectively market our services, and put our resources where the greatest potential for business exists, we have prioritized the markets. In addition, our Strategic Approach also includes exploring more business opportunities in Iraq and Qatar.


  • The basic elements of business development plan consists of :
  • Organization
  • Team Work
  • Strategic approach to client satisfaction
  • Total commitment to Client’s service, Quality, Time, efficiently, Competitiveness.

Our objective is to develop effective and focused business plan by :

  • Clients relationship
  • Establishing a strong relationship with associates and local partners
  • Identifying potential opportunities.
  • Understanding the client’s needs, objectives and providing TOTAL SATISFACTORY SERVICES.

Business development managers are responsible for their respective Clients. This will enable us to focus on selective business.


Al Dar Co. direct interaction with potential clients is important. It provides us with first hand knowledge to understand their needs and feed back as well as enables us to build up the mutual confidence.

We have developed and prioritized client’s to identify the short and long-term goals. Direct interface with the client and a local partner, develops a unified approach.


Our management team’s commitment to integrity, excellence, quick response, quality assurance, and support has consistently resulted in Total satisfaction on many significant programs.

Al Dar Co. understands fully our Clients needs and has developed a worldwide infrastructure which allows us to support such missions with high quality performance.